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Perio Comfort™

Perio Comfort™

½ oz. Price 6.00 Quantity:

Soothing gel for natural relief from tooth and gum discomfort, ½ oz. Tube

  1. PerioComfort™ features a proprietary blend of organic and responsibly wildcrafted herbs combined with essential oils and the patented extract of Phytoplenolin.
  2. Gently massaging this soothing gel into irritated gum tissue provides fast- acting relief from tooth and gum discomfort.
  3. The ingredients in PerioComfort™ work together to calm tooth and gum distress. The cool mint flavor will leave breath refreshed.
  4. Preservative-free vegetarian gel based on the PerioScript™ formula works wonders for dry mouth.
  5. May also be used as an abrasive-free toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
  6. Great for teething babies.

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