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Olive Gold 03

Olive Gold 03

Price 32.00 Quantity:

Olive Gold 03 is a perfect Proprietary Blend of Super Oxygen, in an All Natural and *Organic Olive Oil Base. Super Charged Vitamins (A,B”s,C,D,&E), 72 Minerals, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Exotic Botanical Essence and Fragrances. OG3 inherently is Hypoallergenic. Contains no: Corn, Sugar, Soy.

OG3 is Multi-Purpose lotion for health and beauty which may help:

  1. Provide more energy to muscles (ozone/oxygen content) resulting in greater performance and less pain.
  2. Provide greater brain function for mental clarity.
  3. Provide abundant oxygen to enrich the blood.
  4. Enhance metabolism, allowing better digestion and detoxification.
  5. Neutralize pathogens, bacteria, viruses fungus and chemicals.
  6. Provide a healthy younger looking skin.

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