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Biocompatibility Material Testing
(Clifford Materials Reactivity Test)

The issue of adverse reactions with reconstructive bio-materials has become a sensitive topic within both the medicine and dentistry. More patients are demanding to know what is being used in their treatments and what assurances can be made as to the clinical safety and performance of bio-materials. It is no longer adequate to assume that all patients will handle all bio-materials well. Neither is it acceptable to select bio-materials solely on the basis of cost, esthetic appearance, handling qualities, strength and durability. No single material is 100% suited to all patients.

Who should have this test:

  1. Any patient who is preparing for restorative or reconstructive dentistry who would like to have additional peace of mind that the proposed bio-materials will not result in adverse bio-reactivity

  2. Any patient who has experienced difficulty with prior materials placement Patients with severe immune-compromised status

  3. Patients with identified autoimmune diseases or conditions

  4. Patients with environmental illness /universal reactor

  5. Patients with known sensitivity to jewelry, watchbands, etc.

  6. Patients who receive daily doses of numerous medications

  7. Patients who have endocrine, liver or compromised kidney concerns

  8. Patients with severe allergic problems

  9. Patients previously treated by multiple unrelated healthcare professionals

  10. Patients facing high-cost complex dental restorative procedures

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