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Salivary DNA Testing

This test can reveal an individual's genetic predisposition to periodontal diseases as well as the bacteria that cause them.

  1. Collection process is simple – the patient rinses with a saline solution and expectorates the solution into a test vial

  2. OralDNA Labs uses the patients saliva specimens to provide two salivary-based lab tests

  3. The My Perio Path test detects and quantifies 13 different disease-causing bacteria that are associated with periodontal disease

  4. The My Perio ID/PST test helps to identify and individual's predisposition for overexpression of inflammation and risk of periodontal disease

  5. The test can tell the doctor whether a patient is at risk for developing periodontal disease long before there are any visual indications or existing bacterial colonies

  6. Once the DNA-PCR test analysis is completed, a detailed lab report is returned so that he may be better equipped to recommend an appropriate treatment protocol.

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